Welcome to SELC Career College Australia

  • SELC Australia is one of the longest-established colleges in Australia, founded in 1985. We are proud to have welcomed over 38,000 students from over 35 countries since opening our doors.
  • With over 30 years of providing quality education services, SELC now has career colleges in Sydney, Australia and Vancouver, Canada.
  • As the world is facing a global skills shortage, the need for quality vocational education and training that is closely linked with industry will make a difference for SELC graduates, industry and our global world society. For this reason, SELC Career College vocational courses have been designed in partnership with industry to ensure that SELC graduates enter the work force with finetuned job ready skills.

Mission and Goals

SELC Career College Australia is dedicated to providing our students with:

  • A quality integrated institutional pathway incorporating E -learning and placement in practical host industry organisations
  • Skills to engage and develop industry networks
  • Global job readiness to enter the workforce

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