Living in Sydney

Sydney is the largest city in Australia with over 5 million people and also the most popular for international visitors. There are people from 180 nations, speaking 140 languages, making Sydney one of the most multicultural cities in the world. The city is spread over a large area and has a world-famous harbour, beautiful beaches and interesting things to do. Most of Sydney’s 37 beaches are situated within 30 minutes of the city centre by public transport.


The main forms of transport in Sydney are: bus, train, and ferry. In the Eastern Suburbs, buses are the most common form of public transport. Most students buy weekly or monthly travel passes to use on public transport while they are in Sydney.

Click here for more information about Sydney Public Transport Options.

Things to do

Eating out in Sydney is a great adventure. The many nationalities that make up our population have all brought their own cuisines with them and our restaurants and supermarkets reflect this. Sydneysiders regularly eat food from many different countries, from Italian to Hungarian, Japanese to Vietnamese. Have a look at the Cheap Eats guide to eating out in Sydney.

Sydney is the place for shopping. There are plenty of shopping centres, department stores, and markets to suit everyone.

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